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Midlife Makeover: 4 Days To a Fitter You

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Tuesday March 21- Friday March 24



4 Day Jumpstart Towards The Fitter You You've Been Dreaming of


Daily mini-challenges to shift your mindset & build momentum so that you can start seeing real results

Each day you'll get to participate in 2 mini-challenges: 

  • A healthy habit mini-challenge to get you in motion. Results come from action, my friend, and we're gonna get you in action.
  • A journal challenge connected to my daily live training so that you can gain critical awareness of the thoughts and beliefs that may not be serving you. (You'll receive a printable challenge workbook as a tool.)

At the end of the challenge you'll get a chance to learn how you can work with me to implement the principles you learn during the challenge and build off of the momentum you've created for phenomenal long lasting results. 


Daily 20 minute lives in our Midlife Makeover private group with me as your guide to unpack why you've failed in the past with weight loss

and, importantly,  what you can do differently this time to get lasting results.

We’re going deep my friend. 


Prizes, joy, & FUN because fitness can be FUN! Enough with plans that make you feel bad about yourself!

I'm not promising you effort-free results, but by golly getting fit doesn't need to be painful! Let's have some fun together while we kickstart YOU 2.0. You can dance along in your living room, have a few laughs, and get a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card, Womaness skincare system, The Woman's Guide To Overcoming Insomnia by sleep expert Dr. Shelby Harris, a signed copy of Menopocalypse by Amanda Thebe and a scrumdiddlyumptious care package from Cocoa Bar in a Jar. (Fitness can taste good!)

You're not 30 anymore. It's time to ditch the restrictive diet and exercise routines you learned in the 80s & 90s

Midlife You can be the fittest you yet in all ways: 

  • Imagine weighing yourself and not letting the number on the scale dictate your mood for the day.
  • Imagine including all foods in your diet guilt free (yes, even bread!)
  • Imagine being able to reach into your closet and put on any piece of clothing knowing you will feel confident wearing it

If you're tired of missing out on life. If you're tired of forever saying "I'll start tomorrow." Then this challenge is for you. Right here. Right now. Let's do it together.


I want in on the Free Challenge!

A Note From Kim...

I've helped 100s of women in midlife get in shape (starting with myself.)

I promise you, you can do it too. No matter your age. No matter how many times you've tried.

Join me for this 4 day challenge to gain clarity on what's been holding you back and build momentum to propel you to the fittest, healthiest, most confident You yet❤️

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