Over 40 and struggling with belly fat & lack of energy? Tired of trying and failing to lose weight? Worried that maybe it's too late now?

I will show you how to lose body fat, ditch the meno-belly, and feel confident in your clothes again.


Forget about getting your "old body" back. Together we're gonna build you your best body yet. 

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Maybe, like me, your weight came on gradually year after year in your 30's.

Perhaps, also like me, you've spent most of your adult years losing and gaining the same pounds over and over again. Now here you are, heavier than ever with the added hurdles of age and perhaps even perimemopause.


Or maybe you're more like my 1-1 client Lucy who was used to being thin and in shape until peri hit, then Boom! Belly fat like she'd never experienced before. 

As you can see Lucy lost that meno belly and you can too. That's only 2 months difference between those 2 pictures! 

Imagine that being you in 2 months.  I'll help you make that a reality in my Fitter After 40 60 day challenge.


Whether you're more like me or like Lucy, either way, here you are:

1. Confused about how to lose wight


2. Clear on the steps you need to take, but as of yet unable to consistently apply your knowledge to get real results.

The Good News Is...

  • It's not too late for you
  • You're not too old
  • The fittest, strongest, healthiest version of you is on the horizon

I'm Going To Show You Exactly What To Do & How To Do It

But, first, I'm going to properly introduce myself:

Hi, My name is Kim. I'm a mom of 3 (2 teens and a 20 something.)  Lucky Charms and lifting weights are my favorites, & I've never heard a boy band I didn't like.

I'm a nutrition coach and personal trainer who has worked with hundreds of women all over the world, helping them get leaner, improve their health and age stronger.

I've taken the systems and strategies I've used successfully with my 1-1 online clients and put them all together in one place for the first time. That place is Fitter After 40.

I need you to know that I have no secret sauce. No Magic. No surprise fat melting exercise protocol.

None of which, candidly, exist.

One of the benefits of being a woman of a certain age is you know in your gut that's right, because you've been there, tried that.

What I do have for you is an evidenced based nutrition, workout & mindset system that produces incredible results. Here, look:

Vanessa Lost 38lbs & 33in

When we first spoke Vanessa told me that she knew *what* to do, she just couldn't seem to do it. Perimenopause left her feeling so tired all the time that figuring out her eating or getting in a workout just wasn't happening. "I don't know what's happened over the last 2-3 years, but I have lost my mojo & gained 40lbs!"

Fast forward 11 months & she's learned to maintain a high level of consistency with her nutrition without thinking about food all the time. She not only looks amazing but has gotten super strong with only 3 workouts per week. Team #agingstronger.



Joanne Lost 40lbs & 27in

At 51 Joanne was by her own description sedentary & concerned about preventing age related injury & illness. She also just wanted to feel comfortable in her body.

Now at 52 Joanne easily walks 8-10K steps daily and busts out push ups like it's her job. She's not only lost 4 pant sizes, she's learned to manage stressful situations without using food to cope.

Here's what women who've taken the course are saying:


As amazing as these women are, there's nothing special about their ability to lose weight after 40. They were ready to make changes and they put in the work.

Are you ready for a change?

Put Me On The Wait List For 2022

All the tools you need to lose fat, get more defined, & age stronger & healthier are in my Fitter After 40 sixty day challenge...

  • No BS Nutrition Guidelines so that you know exactly how to set up your nutrition for optimal fat loss.
  • 6 Week Workout Plan: No more scrolling social media for a workout. I'll take all of the guesswork out of training. With my progressive, systematic approach you'll be able to finally achieve that toned, defined look that has eluded you.
  • System for increasing consistency with your nutrition & exercise program because consistency is the difference maker between reaching your goal & plateauing
  • 8 modules (a new one is delivered to your course library each week of the challenge) to teach you exactly what you need to know about nutrition, exercise & navigating your perimenopause hurdles.
  • Weekly Action Steps each week of the challenge because knowledge doesn't get you results, action does.
  • Online Community for ongoing support during the challenge, as well as access to me and my team. Your environment dictates your success. With the #agingstronger online community you'll be around people who will support you, motivate you, and help you stay on track.
  • Weekly group live calls with me to get any and all questions answered.
  • Meal Planning Workbook, because cookie cutter meal plans don't work, but meal plans you create yourself are powerful tools.
  • Progress Measuring System that I created & use with my 1-1 clients, because one of the main reasons people quit on their programs is perceived lack of progress or lack of understanding of what good progress is. With my system in hand you'll always know exactly where you stand & what if anything to adjust.
  • Complete Video Library of all exercise included in the 6 week strength training plan, including modifications for complete beginners as well as more advanced lifters so that you can train in the most effective way possible.
  • Bonus Module from Dr. Heather Hirsch, Director of the Menopause & Midlife Clinic at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston discussing hormonal & non-hormonal treatments for your menopause symptoms as well as guidance on finding proper menopause care.

You Have Two Options To Choose From Right Now...

Option 1: Keep doing what you're currently doing, which makes sense if you're seeing the results you want. Zero reason to change what's working.

Option 2: Join the Fitter After 40 Sixty Day Challenge and remove all guesswork about your nutrition & training. You'll get unlimited access to everything you need to burn fat, increase your energy, & create a stronger, healthier you.

Whether you join the Challenge or not, I want you to know I'm here for you. I'll help you in any way that I can.

That said, it's important for me to tell you that I no longer offer 1-1 online coaching. If you'd like to work with me to reach your goals in 2021, Fitter After 40 is the only way to make that happen.  

Challenge closed until January 2022. Get on the wait list so you are the first to know when doors open!

What's a challenge without PRIZES?

Now, this isn't one of those "whoever loses the most" wins type challenges.  The winner will be picked based not only on physical progress, but also on implementation of the habits & strategies I'll share with you in the course.

Grand Prize: $500

1st Prize: $100

Full details on how to participate in the challenge & win prizes will be in your welcome packet (participation is optional.)

Of course your ultimate prize will be finally reaching your goals.

Which is the whole reason I created Fitter After 40 in the first place.


What's in Fitter After 40?

Module 1: Fat Loss Non-Negotiables. Set up your personalized nutrition plan.

Module 2: Exercise For Fat Loss. We'll cover Strength Training, Cardio, & NEAT. What to do, how often, how long.

Module 3: Two Pillar Weight Loss Nutrition Habits. Learn to master two habits that will not only help you lose weight easier, but keep the weight off permanently .

Module 4: Overcoming Hurdles To Weight Loss In Menopause. Practice my Menopause Mindset Mastery approach to managing the roadblocks menopause throws in your way. Bonus Module from Dr. Heather Hirsch On Hormonal & Non-Hormonal Treatments for your menopause symptoms as well as finding proper menopause care.

Module 5: Sleep & Weight Loss. How to improve sleep quality & quantity. How to reduce the impact of lack of sleep on your weight loss progress.

Module 6: Stress Eating. Learn & Implement my 3 Step Process for Overcoming Stress Eating

Module 7: Mid Life Squeeze. learn my framework for taking care of your health & fitness amidst the crush of mid-life squeeze.

Module 8: What Next? Learn how to automate your health & fitness for long term success