You're not "off the bandwagon" of health, because there's no wagon.

You can choose health today and learn how to choose it tomorrow too.


Fitter By The Day is an essential 4-week health protocol for daily body and mind training. Daily movement, protein tracking, mindful eating and crucial mindset work will move you from where you are right now to the fitter, healthier lifestyle you want.

Start where you are.

Be amazed at where you go...


If you're planning to attack any fitness or health goals this year, you need crucial mindset shifts in order to succeed- and that's what Fitter By The Day is all about.

As you shift your mindset, the real magic starts to happen:

  • You can reclaim your health
  • You can hit your weight goal
  • You can be stronger
  • You can feel good in your clothes again
  • You will remember that you can do hard stuff (and even like it!)

Your mindset is the only thing getting in the way.


"It's too late...I'm already too out of shape."

"I'll start tomorrow."

"I never see progress when I try...so why try?"

"I hate exercise."

"Trying to get in shape feels like a waste of time- I never get fit."


"I was the broken girl. 


I thought I was not able to do the workouts. Now I know it was all in my mind. I can do it! I schedule my workouts in my work calendar and commit to them. I just canceled two work meetings the other day because I am the priority."


-Paula, 2022 client of Kim Schlag

Every year I teach thousands of women how to be fitter, stronger, healthier, and happier-and so much of it is mental work.


Fitter By The Day is vital nutrition for your mind, with three practical skills attached:

  • Move your body every day
  • Eat the right amount of protein every day
  • Enjoy seated, plated, distraction-free, fulfilling meals every day

Once you change your mind, all of the things you believe about yourself and your health change too.

What's waiting for you inside

Fitter By The Day?


  • 3 research-backed modules

    For practical and essential daily health: Video & PDF training to increase daily movement, eat 100 grams of protein daily and master mindful eating.
  • Powerful strategies, skills, & awareness about your health

    Harness the power of "If/then" planning & daily reflection.
  • A total mindset reset

    To prime yourself for better health using proven methods to remove your hesitation and doubts. It doesn't matter where you're starting from or how long it's been- you will feel confident moving toward better health from Day 1!
I'm ready to get Fitter By The Day!

Fitter By The Day was made for YOU if...

  • You've had labs done recently and were shocked or scared at the results

  • You don't like how you look in photos and avoid mirrors

  • You're routinely achy and tired, no matter how much you rest

  • You've recently celebrated a "big" birthday (40, 50, 55) and are ready to reclaim your health

  • You're worried that "it's too late" to start a fitness journey (*psst* today is the perfect day to start your fitness journey!)

  • You've started to think a lot about how you'll keep up with your grandkids as you age

  • You find yourself worrying about your health in the future as you watch your parents aging poorly

  • You're afraid of hurting yourself by working out the wrong way or restricting your diet too much (say goodbye to both of these worries!)

  • You've taken fitness classes, tried crash diets, running, lifting, yoga, spin, etc...and you've quit all of them within a few weeks

  • You're ready to become the most confident in your health that you've ever been


"I'm most proud of improving my relationship with myself throughout this experience. I've learned two things by doing this: It's possible and I'm worth it. I never believed either of those two things prior to working with you. Also, I'm proud of adopting a healthier mindset in terms of scarcity and perfectionism, to abundance and just letting something be good enough."


"I finally feel in control of my own body. I'm amazed about the simple things that are now accessible to me, that weren't before. Things like going up a flight of stairs without dying, walking faster, and having more energy stamina. There are so many other small things on that list, but overall I've gained a lot of confidence."


I have spent years focusing on exercise and it's just crazy that I wasn't able to make the mindset shift to focus on nutrition until now. I really understand I am no longer chasing a number or a deadline or worrying about vacation. It's just so freeing! I love it!"

Become Fitter By The Day- Join Now for $129!

Here's why Fitter By The Day focuses on 3 main health markers: Daily steps, adequate protein, and mindful eating


1. Walking increases your chances for a longer, happier life: In a meta-analysis (a study of a large group of studies) of 15 other health studies featuring 47,000 people, 6,500-10,000 steps/day decreased the risk of all-cause mortality among all age groups. Physical activity of any kind reduces the risk of diabetes, hypertension, GERD, major depressive disorder, obesity, and sleep apnea. These are great reasons to get moving!


2. Getting enough protein helps you build & maintain the muscle you need to move your body properly as you age:

After 30 years old, you lose approximately 3-8% of your muscle mass every decade unless you do something to prevent it. This might not sound like a lot, but it has a huge impact on your health over time. Imagine being 80 years old and unable to get off the toilet. Now imagine eating to satiety, burning more calories while you're eating, feeling satisfied when you're done, and looking more toned and lean. That's what eating more protein does for you.


3. Mindful eating brings you back to the pleasure of enjoying food with no guilt attached. We all have complicated relationships with food. Learning to enjoy a meal seated, plated, undistracted, and slowly attunes you to how much you're eating and how satisfied you are. This means you're less likely to stress-slam half a bag of chips later on in the day in a moment of snacky panic-because you've already enjoyed fueling your body with delicious, nutritious, protein-packed food.

Inside Fitter By The Day, you'll gain the knowledge and tools to ensure you're moving your body daily, eating enough protein, and repairing your relationship with food. It takes determination and work. But if you show up for yourself every day and stay accountable to the practice, you'll start to reap the beautiful benefits of a healthier life:

  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • More stable moods
  • Higher confidence
  • Clothes that fit better
  • Inspiring others around you!


Yes, I'm ready to get Fitter By The Day!

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